Will this be the year you open your coffee shop? According to industry reports, the U.S. coffee shop market has steadily been on the rebound, reaching 96% of pre-pandemic sales in 2022. Sixty percent of Americans drink at least one cup of joe every day, and they are expected to spend over $96 billion on coffee in 2023. An estimated 79% of their coffee budget will be spent outside the home, so that’s good news for entrepreneurs who want to open a café. If you are looking for a Houston coffee shop contractor, Strech Construction Group is here to help you lay the foundation for a successful business.

The Project Café USA 2023 annual report indicated that the industry’s upswing was led by young people’s demand for iced beverages and espresso-based drinks. Conveniences like in-app ordering, drive-thrus and delivery services also contributed to the rise in sales.

The in-depth report was conducted by the Allegra Group, led by Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Young. In a press release announcing the 2023 report, Young said, “Notwithstanding enormous pressures facing our industry, especially rising costs and growing staff shortages, this detailed research shows that the U.S. coffee shop market remains buoyant and is expected to grow solidly over the next decade as younger consumers drive demand for premium, specialty coffee throughout the United States.”

The industry trends noted in the report should be taken into account when building a new coffee shop. Our Texas coffee shop designers and builders are honing in on two key factors when developing plans for cafés in 2023: convenience and the preferences of younger adults.

Young people are driving coffee shop sales

Convenience is Key

The pandemic made pre-ordering and pickup the norm, and customers have come to expect options that reduce the time they spend standing in line. In a survey conducted by World Coffee Portal in August 2022, more than half of U.S. customers indicated a preference for drive-thru versus physically entering a coffee shop. For customers who do enter the building, it is imperative to have a floor plan that can accommodate them while they wait and allow them to get in and get out easily.

Younger Customers’ Opinions Matter

Adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are more likely than older generations to go out for a cup of coffee. That means that Gen Z and Millennials are keeping coffee shops in business, so it is important to pay attention to their preferences. This age bracket is more inclined to try new and unique flavors and preparation techniques, so be sure your coffee shop is equipped with everything you need to stay on the cutting edge! You will also want to consider your younger customers when it comes to the design and ambiance of the space.

Our Houston coffee shop construction company has extensive experience in building cafés that are both functional and appealing. Contact us today to start planning your new coffee business!