Strech Construction Group specializes in bringing your small business space to life! We are Houston commercial contractors who focus on coffee shop building design, restaurant development, medical and dental construction services, corporate office buildouts and tenant improvements. You can trust our team's combined 40+ years of experience to help your dream become a reality.

  • Our Houston coffee shop builders understand the ins and outs of designing a floor plan that is functional, accessible and aesthetically pleasing. We will help you develop your vision for a space where locals comes together to connect, study, work and enjoy great coffee!
  • If you want to build a new restaurant or renovate an existing one, we will help you design an eatery that complements your cuisine and provides a dining experience that excites the senses.
  • Our medical office builders are experts at transforming any existing space into a custom office that meets the needs of your practice. We will design a facility that is comfortable and inviting while satisfying the unique requirements of a medical or dental office.
  • We design corporate interiors for any industry. Turn a general office building into a custom space that inspires your team and impresses your clients.
  • Does your commercial property require updates or repairs? Let us handle the tenant improvements to keep your office looking fresh and functioning properly.

Houston is the #2 medical office market in the U.S. with 33.2 million square feet of medical office space as of 2021. This represents a 15% increase over the past decade.

Our Houston coffee shop commercial contractors and office builders want to set you up for success from the start. That's why we offer commercial construction consulting services. We will help you secure funding and connect you with qualified professionals to make sure your project is executed with skill and efficiency.

Don’t know where to begin with your dental office building development? Feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities surrounding your new coffee shop build? That’s where we come in! You can trust our experts to walk you through each step of your Houston commercial construction project.

Our business is built on relationships, and we believe in getting to know our clients well. Our Houston commercial contractors will handle your build out or new construction from start to finish, so you never have to deal with a middleman. When you work with us, you can be certain your new coffee shop, restaurant or office is in good hands.

We work with clinics, coffee shop franchises, corporations and other growing businesses in Houston and beyond.

Our specialized focus ensures that your coffeehouse or medical/dental office will be backed by industry experts. Contact us today to get started on your Houston commercial construction project!

"For us to help the customer, it’s a relationship-building process. The more you get to know each other, the expectations become clearer and you can better provide exactly what they want."

— Luke Strech, Owner

Our experienced team of commercial contractors in Houston, Texas is ready to help you lay a solid foundation for your business. Schedule a consultation to discuss your custom building project!

  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Offices
  • Dental Offices
  • Office Space
  • Corporate Interiors
  • Tenant Improvements

Pre-Construction For Commercial Ground-Up Builds In Texas

Our comprehensive pre-construction planning ensures that your ground-up construction project in Texas stays on track, on time and within budget.

Ground-Up Construction Services for Texas and Beyond

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